Species-appropriate animal husbandry for sleeping bag contents - the magazine 'Genussmaenner.de' informs!

Magazin 'Genussmaenner.de'-Bericht Maerz 2019 -Tierhaltung und Almwollfüllung

"Everything that man does to animals comes back to man", this wisdom was already published in ancient times by 'Phythagoras'.

Especially in times of eco-awareness, animal welfare is often forgotten. Markus Wiesböck, the owner and inventor of the Grüezi bag brand, is of the opinion: "Wool and animal welfare are two things that go hand in hand at Grüezi bag", and therefore only uses wool from happy sheep. His moral and ethical attitude is rewarded with the ISPO Award 2019 for the sleeping bag model ' Biopod DownWool Nature '!

The online magazine ' Genussmaenner.de ' provides information in its article from March 2019. Here is the report:

Pleasure men report March 2019-Gruezi bag and happy sheep

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