Equipment tips - 'Bushcraft' enthusiastic about the energy saver 'Feater - The Feat Heater'!

Bushcraft-Cover-Videotipp-Feater-Grüezi bag-Dez 2019

The heatable, waist-high additional bag 'Feater - The Feat Heater' from Grüezi bag , which fits in every sleeping bag, guarantees increased insulation. The heating element built into the foot area provides an extra portion of warmth.

The blogger from 'Bushcraft' is very impressed by these 'energy savers' and presents them in the following video.

For this the link:

Bushcraft Tip Winter Gear Feater The Feat Heater Part 2 Dec 2019

Bushcraft Tips for Winter Gear-Part 2-Feater-The Feat Heater by Grüezi bag- 08 Dec 2019

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