'Biopod Down Hybrid Ice Extreme' tested by Sandra in the summit bivouac!

Sandra-Testerin-Cover-Bericht-Winterbiwak 2000 m-Okt 2020

Nature offers countless wonderful places - ✓with her travel companion, the sleeping bag 'Biopod Down Hybrid Ice Extreme ' from Grüezi bag, the tester Sandra I. was well equipped for her adventure to the 'Ellmauer Halt'.

She was so enthusiastic about her constant companion - her conclusion:

'1x Grüezi bag, always Grüezi bag!'

Read the October 2020 report as a .pdf file for download:

Tester Sandra I - Experience test report - Winter bivouac at 2000 m - Grüezi bag sleeping bag - Biopod Down Hybrid Ice Extreme - October 2020

Grüezi bag sleeping bag biopod Down Hybrid Ice Extreme

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