A small detail makes so much!

Ein kleines Detail macht so viel aus!

I'm constantly thinking about how I can improve a sleeping bag or other products. It should always make sense and not be frills.

Today I'll tell you what I thought about the Grüezi bag zipper course.

Don't you also know the problem that your feet are either too warm or too cold? First, I designed and produced a sleeping bag with a zipper that went all the way down. But then I realized that zippers never really seal and there are cold bridges. So it was clear to me that the footwell had to remain closed.

On the way to the current solution, the zipper was on the side of the sleeping bag, but it didn't go all the way down. The problem here was that if I was too warm, I had to stick my feet out to the side in the dirt.

Then I had the idea of ​​our innovative zipper course. If the zipper runs around the bottom of the sleeping bag, I can easily put my feet out of the sleeping bag when it's warm and I still have a closed footwell when it gets cooler. The highlight is that you no longer have to put your feet in the dirt.

So I got down to it and tailored the sleeping bag. There was another cool side effect. Now it is even easier to get into the sleeping bag.

So that the zipper is easier to find in the dark, I made it out of white, dirt-repellent material. This has often made it easier for me to get in in the dark.

But I wasn't quite satisfied yet. Who doesn't know it, the zipper often hacked when opening and pulling... But I was able to solve this too. Inside I installed a zipper retention strap and the zipper itself got an upgrade. An approx. 2cm thick attachment, which firstly keeps the fabric away and secondly runs super easily. This expensive but super-functioning YKK zipper rounded it all off perfectly.

Now everything was fine.

It's often the details that make a great product.

Greetings Markus

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