Grüezi bag donates sleeping bags to the homeless - 'Abendzeitung' informed!

Grüezi bag spendet Schlafsäcke an Obdachlose - 'Abendzeitung' informiert!

Fate threatens to freeze many homeless people to death in winter - Markus Wiesböck, the founder of the Grüezi bag company, did not want to see this sad lot any longer. He and his team went out and distributed ' Biopod DownWool Ice CompostAble ' sleeping bags to those in need.

This ☆good deed☆ did not go unseen and was published by the ' Abendzeitung ' in an article dated December 25, 2020.

You can find out more about the Grüezi bag 'Santa Claus' under the following link:

Abendzeitung-Article-Helpers in the emergency sleeping bag donation-from 2020-Dec 25

CEO Grüezi bag- Markus Wiesböck at the fundraiser for the homeless in Munich

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