Cold nights - no problem with the feater from Grüezi bag! Adventurous tested him

gruezi-bag-Feater-The Feet Heater-abenteuerreich-blog-Beitrag vom 26092018

The tour operator ' Adventurous' travels a lot in Scandinavia and has always dreamed of being able to spend the many cold nights with warm feet on their extraordinary winter tours.

When testing the Feater - The Feet Heater from Grüezi bag, they were so enthusiastic that they not only published an online article, but also recommend the heated, waist-high additional bag for sleeping bags for the packing list for tours in colder regions.

gruezi-bag-Feater-The Feet Heater- adventurous

Here is the link to the published article about the Feater -The Feet Heater by adventure rich from 09/26/2018

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