Well equipped with the Grüezi bag, test winner comfort - awarded by the magazine 'Bergsteiger'

gruezi-bag-schlafsack-Synpod Island 185-Testsieger-Magazin-Bergsteiger-Ausgabe-Nr7-Juli-2018

Anyone who puts together their hiking tour has to think of a lot. Best equipped with the test winner model Synpod Island 185 !

The magazine 'Bergsteiger' discovered and tested the high-quality, lightweight Synpod Island 185 sleeping bag from Grüezi bag . The magazine tested 12 synthetic fiber sleeping bags in the comfort temperature range of 0 to 5 degrees and in the price range of €129.00 to €339.00.

The most compressible sleeping bag in the test, among all models, with a pack volume of only 6 liters , was the Grüezi bag Synpod Island 185 sleeping bag. A test model from another brand is lighter, but much more expensive to buy.

It is also important to know that the test-winning comfort model scored 5 out of 5 points in the test criterion 'skin sensitivity'.


In issue no. 7, July 2018 of the magazine 'Bergsteiger', the product, which provides even more comfort on every hike, was named the test winner . Here the article as a .pdf file for download.

Gruezi Bag Sleeping Bag Test Winner Award Sleeping Bag Synpod Island 185 Magazine Mountain Climber

Grüezi bag - Synpod Island 185 - Most comfortable summer sleeping bag

'The fabric of the super nestles almost imperceptibly
light and packable comfort sleeping bag
to the skin
Tip from the Grüezi bag team : Everyone needs the right sleeping bag for their body size. This is also available in other sizes from the Synpod Island series, namely as the Synpod Island 175 model !

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