How to be successful - the interview with '25 Hours of Champanger' mit Markus Wiesboeck -Wie wird man erfolgreich

The podcast for women - '25-hour champagne' interviewed the managing director Markus Wiesböck, the sleeping bag brand Grüezi bag .

Andrea Stodden wanted to know exactly and asked what motivated him to produce sleeping bags and how it came about. Markus Wiesböck talks about his first steps, his experiences and the three biggest initial difficulties, such as bureaucracy, production development and becoming known.

Markus Wiesböck - His advice for living your dream is in short: 'You just have to start - so that you can finish...

...and if you know what people want, act in a well thought-out manner and like what you do, get busy with it. Then success will not be long in coming.'

Just listen to the interview and let yourself be inspired:

'25-hour Champanger - The podcast for women - Interview with Markus Wiesböck from Grüezi bag - How do you become successful? Just start!


Read the article, here is the link:

A story about courage and success by Dreiraumhaus from November 12, 2018

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