Advent calendar day 24

Gr├╝ezi bag ADVENture CALENDAR

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Gr├╝ezi bag Feater - The Feet Heater

Gr├╝ezi bag Feater - The Feet Heater DownWool

Feater - The Feet Heater DownWool

The heatable, hip-high additional bag for an extra dose of warmth with the cozy DownWool filling.

The Feater - The Feet Heater DownWool can either be used as a short/chest-high sleeping bag or inserted into another sleeping bag as an inlet and thus increase the insulation extremely.

The DownWool filling is a mixture of down and wool and creates an excellent sleeping climate. The down provides cozy insulation, the wool acts as a natural air conditioner.

Gr├╝ezi bag is responsible for the ducks and sheep that produce the insulation materials. That's why only wool from the Alps and RDS-certified down are used.

The heating element installed in the foot area can provide additional warmth. It can be operated with a standard power bank via a USB interface.

The Feater - The Feet Heater DownWool is the perfect companion on the mountain, but is also indispensable for some women at home on the sofa!

The Feater - The Feet Heater DownWool is the king of the featers and would be the perfect gift for your loved ones. Unfortunately, it won't be available until January. Then you get him sent home immediately. If you win, you'll find out by 8 p.m. at the latest, giving you the chance to win a last-minute gift!

The closing date for entries is 6 p.m. today!

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