Advent calendar day 5

Gr├╝ezi bag ADVENture CALENDAR

How to win:

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Alpine fur logo

With a bit of luck you will win a freshly tanned sheepskin from a mountain sheep . This comes from Bavaria and was tanned in Germany.

The fur will be raffled by , these are two young guys from the Rosenheimer Land. Like Gr├╝ezi bag, they too are convinced of wool. In winter it warms, in summer it cools. And also at the protection of the animals and the sustainable handling of the skins are in the foreground.

The skins have a very high quality, are extremely fluffy and just beautiful. One just likes to have such a skin.

Win your own fur (by the way, there is a second chance on December 13th) or look in the shop!

Much luck!

The winner has been chosen, congratulations!

Gr├╝ezi bag ADVENTure CALENDAR Day 1 Winner