Alonja - Experiential Education | outdoor training | Initial and continuing education

experiential education | outdoor training | Initial and continuing education

Alonja is a team of experienced coaches, certified experiential educators and wilderness guides with more than 10 years of experience in the areas of experiential pedagogy, indoor and outdoor training as well as education and training in these areas.

Customers range from schools, social institutions and authorities to medium-sized companies in Germany and abroad. The spectrum ranges from experiential educational country school homes, trainee and team days to incentives and outdoor training with elements such as: abseiling, canoeing, raft building, archery, survival, outdoor kitchen, etc.

Training at Alonja

What is particularly close to Alonja's heart is the integration of nature into the work and the diverse interactions outdoors. A natural environment that enables new experiences and opens up new perspectives.

In the high-quality training series, Alonja teaches prospective adventure educators and outdoor guides at home and abroad.

Want to be outdoors? Then you are exactly right there!

  • Alonia loves being outside and working with people.
  • Alonja values ​​high-quality and safe equipment.
  • Alonja works with joy and enthusiasm!

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