Guter Schlaf mit Grüezi bag



Florian Fechter

Geburtsjahr: 1997

Stadt: München

Ziele: Alpen

• Biopod DownWool Extreme Light
• Biopod DownWool Ice

Über mich

Ich bin ein bergsportbegeisterter Ingenieur aus der Gegend südlich von München. Am Liebsten bin ich zu Sonnenauf- oder Untergang in den Bergen. In den letzten Jahren habe ich etliche Biwaktouren in den Bergen unternommen, bei denen die Schlafsäcke von Gruezi Bag ein wunderbarer Begleiter waren.

Biopod DownWool Extreme Light

My first night with the Downwool Ice was in the Alps in winter at -14 degrees in a tent. My shoes and water bottle froze overnight in the tent, but I still had a comfortable and restful sleep.

I've used the Extreme Light the most so far, it's just perfect for summer bivouac tours in the open air or overnight stays in bivouac boxes. I spent several nights in a tent with the Extreme Light on Madeira and am always surprised how good the sleeping climate is. In recent years, for reasons of hygiene, you had to bring a proper sleeping bag to the Alpine Club huts, as blankets were no longer distributed. Due to the small pack size and the low weight, it was a faithful companion on many overnight stays in huts and could also be taken comfortably on alpine tours with a lot of other equipment. The smart zipper allows you to regulate the temperature so that it is neither too warm nor too cold. The tour that I remember the most was an overnight stay in a bivouac box in the Bavarian Alps in October.

There was frost outside overnight. The bivouac box was quite large for two people, poorly insulated and without a stove, so it was cold at just under 2000m. That might not have been the ideal purpose for the Extreme Light, but the first rays of the sun at sunrise were all the better for it!