Peter Tremel

Year of birth: 1998

City: Regensburg

Destinations: Alps, Norway, Provence

• Biopod DownWool Extreme Light
• Biopod DownWool Summer
• Biopod DownWool Ice

About me

Hello everyone, I'm Peter, I'm 24 years old and an enthusiastic outdoor athlete. If I can't be reached, I'm usually hanging out somewhere in the mountains under paragliders, sitting in the MTB saddle or having fresh powder swept around my ears. Of course, it's best to combine all these sports and that's where the GZ Bag comes in: The sleeping bags allow me to stay out at night and always wait for the perfect weather window. Sleeping well is really important when you are on the road for several days and doing this type of sport. Unfortunately, without 100% focus it gets really uncomfortable... and if you want to sleep well in the mountains, you need a GZ bag!😊

Biopod DownWool Extreme Light