Suzanne Flachmann

Year of birth: 1969

City: Munich

Destinations: Balkans, Baltic States, Caucasus, Central Asia & Iran

Equipment: Biopod Wool Goas Comfort

About me

I am a camper, vanlifer and above all a road trip lover. For several weeks a year I cruise the world alone with my small van or with a motorbike and tent. Enjoyable solo travel is my elixir of life, the road is my meditation, being on the road is my life. The East in particular attracts me magically: the Baltic States, the Balkans, via Russia and Central Asia to Tajikistan or through Turkey to Iran and Georgia are my previous destinations - I love & live my wanderlust...

Biopod Wool Goas Comfort

I always have my sleeping bag with me on all my tours - whether in the tent or in the van. I love the Goas because it is so incredibly cuddly, can be spread out as a blanket and serves as a warming blanket outside. Of course, it is mostly used in the tent, but I also often use it at home on my terrace - wonderfully wrapped up under the starry sky...