The perfect christmas present

The perfect Christmas present!

Do you know that too, you come home exhausted after a long tour or working day. Nothing nicer than lying on the couch and relaxing.
Our WellhealthBlanket Wool supports you in this. The body needs a lot of energy to regulate its temperature. The Almwool filling acts like a natural air conditioner and takes over part of the body's work. So you can relax better.

Cuddly and softly wrapped, ideal for relaxing on the couch.
The highlight!
The WellhealthBlanket Wool has a zipper with which the blanket can be converted into a sleeping bag and can therefore be used with much more.

• Ideal for snuggling up on the couch
• Can be converted into a sleeping bag
• Perfect companion in every hotel
• Emergency blanket in the car
• Picnic blanket

Wellhealth Blanket Wool