The better sleeping bag comes from Grüezi bag


Produced with love in every detail. Started as an ambitious project, Grüezi+Bag is a successful business today which produces high-quality sleeping bags with comfort and style.

For more than 20 years, the company’s founder Markus Wiesböck from near Rosenheim has been involved in the subject of sleeping bags. Working in sales, he explored the customers’ wants and needs and tested the sleeping bags himself. In 2011 Markus decided to manufacture his own sleeping bags. His aim was to take into account the customers’ wants which he had gathered in 20 years of sales and to perfect the function of the sleeping bags.

It was not an easy decision for, on the one hand, there are many big competitors in the sleeping bag sector and on the other hand, financing is a huge task for a single person. The patterns, materials and designs had been planned for a long time, with the help of two product designers who already had a lot of experience in the sleeping bag sector. Now the only difficulty was finding manufacturing facilities which were able to realize these ideas in the desired quality.In addition to the basic requirements such as temperature and functionality, Markus placed special emphasis on comfort. He wanted to put this goal into practice with new materials and patterns. The result was higher breathability, a wider cut and a rustle-free outer material. So a combination of function und design was created which is unique.

“Conventional sleeping bags are boring – why can’t they look good?” Markus thought. After all, you don’t buy a boring sweater just because it keeps you warm. Cool Alpine style, Cow or the Flowerpower design were created.The right sleeping bag for everyoneMarkus also wanted to develop a product line for children. He accomplished this with the aid of friends, two families who actively supported him. The cool children’s sleeping bags not only look great, they are also adjustable in size and have an improved double-layer construction, as children are more sensitive to cold than adults.In addition, there are models for campers with a wool surface for a pleasant and dry climate inside the sleeping bag. And for trekkers and bikers, for whom low weight is important, there is the light and comfortable Cloud series.