Grüezi bag awards and innovations

Who invented it? Grüezi bag®.

2015: the world's 1st lightweight sleeping bag with wool insulation

Markus Wiesböck is presenting a revolution in the outdoor sector at ISPO: a light wool sleeping bag that guarantees a dry, warm sleeping climate thanks to the wool properties and is comfortably cut. A sleeping bag from Grüezi bag® should not only be sustainable, but also functional and innovative! The prices prove that the Biopod Wolle Zero is better than a synthetic fiber sleeping bag. The outdoor industry is taking notice of the inventor from Bad Feilnbach.

Outdoor Industry Award Winner Biopod Wool Zero
Editors Choice Award Winner Biopod Wool Zero
I love Berge Award Biopod Wool Zero
German Design Award Winner Biopod Wool Zero

climbing recommendation Biopod Wool Goas Comfort

2017: the world's first sleeping bag with DownWool® insulation

The next invention makes the established brands look old: for the first time, Grüezi bag® sleeping bags insulate with a mix of down and wool with a comfortable comfort cut. Without chemical treatment, washable, sustainable and the best properties of natural materials wool and down. DownWool® is patented and wins further high-ranking awards. The “ Biopod Downwool Subzero ” sleeping bags become one of the most successful product series at Grüezi bag.

Outdoor Industry Award Grüezi bag sleeping bag
Editors Choice Award Biopod Hybrid Wool/Down sleeping bag
European Product Design Award Hybrid Wool/Down sleeping bag
Outdoor Industry Award sleeping bag
Outdoor purchase tip Grüezi bag sleeping bag

2018: the world's first sleeping bag with down and wool layer "DownWool Hybrid"

So that expeditions can also use Grüezi bag®, Grüezi bag® is reinventing the sleeping bag: Markus Wiesböck is experimenting and filing a patent for his latest invention: a down sleeping bag that can cope with damp and cold temperatures with an additional wool layer. In addition, a carbon heating element can be life-saving for people who are cold. The “ Biopod DownWool Hybrid ” series will also be tested by the German Bundeswehr in May 2021: in the cold chamber down to -40 °C and under scientific observation, the test subjects sleep best with the sleeping bag from the Grüezi bag® brand!

Oh yes: “I can do synthetic fiber sleeping bags too”: according to this motto, Markus Wiesböck proves that he can make conventional sleeping bags better than the competition. The " Synpod Island " is named the most comfortable sleeping bag.

Outstanding Outdoor Award Grüezi bag sleeping bag

Bergsteiger test winner comfort sleeping bag Grüezi bag
I love Berge Award Grüezi bag sleeping bag

2019: the 1st sleeping bag in the world that is fully compostable

The " Biopod DownWool Nature Comfort " is made from 100% natural materials, from the DownWool filling to the olive wood button. He will be the darling of ISPO 2019 and the Outdoor Industry Award Winner 2018.

ISPO Award Grüezi bag Biopod DownWool Nature sleeping bag

Rising Star of the Year 2020 / Brand Award 2020

The readers of the B2B medium outdoor.markt voted and named Grüezi bag “Rising Star of the Year 2020”.

A top-class jury of experts from management, marketing, media and agencies awarded Grüezi bag the “Special Jury Prize” at the 2020 Brand Award. The renowned brand award is presented annually by absatzwirtschaft and the Federal Association of Marketing Clubs (BVMC). The jurors praised the sustainability strategy of the high-quality sleeping bags.

Rising star of the year 2022

The readers of the B2B medium outdoor.markt have named Grüezi bag “Rising Star of the Year 2022”. The brand is gaining more and more fans with sleeping bags made from a wool-down blend (“DownWool”) as insulation material and is now also using the innovative material in jackets.