Information about sleeping pads


Intended Use

This product is designed exclusively as a lying mat for private camping and outdoor use. The permissible load is 120kg. The product may only be filled with air. The maximum permissible operating pressure is 0.03 bar. Only use the product as described in this manual.

Any other use is considered improper and can lead to property damage or even personal injury. The product is not a toy. The manufacturer or dealer assumes no liability for damage caused by improper or incorrect use.

safety instructions

WARNING! Danger of drowning! Warning: Not suitable for swimming!


More information General instructions for use

Improper handling of the product can lead to damage. Only inflate the product by manual inflation or with a suitable air pump. Do not use pre-compressed air from cartridges or compressors. Keep the product away from sharp and pointed objects or rough edges. A robust tarpaulin as an additional base is recommended. Only use the product on easily accessible, level and sufficiently stable surfaces.

Do not expose the product to high temperatures (heating, open fire, etc.) and keep it away from hot surfaces (e.g. grills). Do not expose the product to extreme weather conditions (rain, hail, etc.). Distribute loads evenly over the product over as large an area as possible. IMPORTANT: Air expands in the sun or in hot rooms. Do not leave the product unattended there and let the air out if necessary.


Unroll and inflate

  • Clear the installation site of stones and other pointed or sharp-edged objects.

  • Remove the protective cover and fully unfold the product.

  • Open the valve and fill the product with air using the stuff sack as a bellows. Note the maximum allowed

    operating pressure if you use an air pump.

  • The mat can be inflated to a maximum height of 9 cm. A

    Air volume that goes beyond that does not represent an appropriate one

    use of the mat.

  • Close the valve carefully.

    Deflate and roll up

  • Clean the product of coarse dirt, stones and other pointed or sharp-edged objects.

  • Open the valve and let the air escape. Wait until the product is ventilated as best as possible.

  • Fold the product lengthways and roll up from the opposite side of the valve. Roll slowly to completely push the remaining air out of the product.

  • Store the product in the protective case.

  • If your air cell mat has a leak through a hole, you can repair it with a standard nylon repair kit. Repair the damage as instructed by the repair kit manufacturer. If this does not lead to the desired success, the air cell mat must be disposed of.

cleaning and storage
Improper cleaning and storage can cause damage to the product or mold. Clean and dry the product completely after each use. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents. Do not use sharp or metallic objects such as knives, hard spatulas or hard cleaning brushes. Rinse the surface of the product with clean water. Remove stubborn dirt with lukewarm water and a soft, clean sponge. Dry the product with a soft, absorbent cloth. Allow any residual moisture to dry completely before rolling again.