The wool sleeping bag with wool from the alps

Wool acts like natural air conditioning Sleeping bags with wool filling have many benefits:

Information about sleeping bags with Alpine wool

Until now you only had the choice between synthetic fibre or down.

  • Down is excellent at insulating, but collapses when it becomes damp.
  • Synthetic fibre is insensitive to moisture, but has no climate compensating properties.

THE NEW GENERATION of sleeping bag filling: Alpine wool because...

...Wool does both:

It insulates very well, is insensitive to moisture and perfectly balances its climate.

The benefits of Alpine wool at a glance:

  • ...It helps you sleep better and wake up feeling fitter
  • works like a natural air conditioner
  • is less sensitive to moisture and can be used
    almost anywhere
  • ...keeps you warm
  • ...packs up light and small
  • a renewable resource
  • antibacterial and self-cleaning
  • machine washable.

Once you have slept in a sleeping bag filled with Alpine wool, you will demand nothing less!

Will wool improve the quality of your sleep?

Yes, sleeping in one of Grüezi bag’s wool sleeping bags filled with Alpine wool is a very special experience!

Please read the scientific evidence regarding sleep quality.

Download the Wool Study in German as a PDF file
Download the Wool Study in English


A look through the microscope reveals the climate-balancing effect of Alpine wool: the different layers of wool fibres can clearly be seen. There is a lot of air between the fibres. They are warmed up by the sleeper’s body temperature and store the heat. When you snuggle up in your sleeping bag, you will be warmly wrapped in Alpine wool filling.

Structure of a strand of wool fibre

Wool strand under the microscope

Did you know that wool fibres can absorb up to 30% of their own weight in moisture?

They are surrounded on the outside by a water-repellent horned layer and do not feel moist even when they have absorbed a lot of water.

The human body can release up to half a litre of water during sleep. The special properties of the wool fibre in the Alpine wool sleeping bag prevents the sleeper from waking up sweaty and damp.

Grüezi bag uses a 2-layer construction with two different layers of material to prevent the sleeping bag from absorbing too much moisture:

Double-layer structure

Sleeping bag structure

The inner layer on the body consists of synth down, a high-quality microfibre filling. The outer layer which has contact to the outside air is Alpine wool.

The synth down layer quickly transfers the moisture into the wool layer. In a pure microfibre filling, moisture can cause cooling due to evaporation, thus reducing the warming effect, whereas the Alpine wool slowly releases moisture into the outside air. This preserves the protective thermal layer.

Alpine wool and synth down are very light fibres. This Alpine wool-fibre sleeping bag is therefore also very light and easy to pack.

It is not only the human body that creates moisture in the sleeping bag. The outside air can also be a problem for a sleeping bag – for example in the rain, mist or when there is high humidity. At high humidity, down filling can be impaired by absorbing too much moisture. The weight of the water finally causes the down filling to collapse and the feathers to clump together.

Alpine wool, on the other hand, remains stable in its structure even when the outside air is humid and feels dry even when it has absorbed a lot of moisture. The wool fibre’s stability also makes the sleeping bag robust against the many stresses to which it can be exposed when travelling, especially when sleeping in the open air and outdoors. The sleeping bag always retains its shape and firm filling structure.

It is also virtually impossible for wool fibres to burn. They need more oxygen to burn than breathing air contains. The outer filling made of Alpine wool prevents it catching fire. Although the outer material can melt, any risk is generally reduced.

The bio-reactivity of Alpine wool is useful for sleeping bag hygiene. Wool fibres have self-cleaning properties and are antibacterial. Odours are neutralised.

Wool sleeping bag: nature’s innovation for better sleep

Sleeping soundly and deeply is a basic human need. A Grüezi bag sleeping bag filled with Alpine wool creates the ideal conditions for a vital, restful sleep – at any time of the year. This is because a wool sleeping bag filling is a better alternative to down or synthetic fibre in so many ways.

Many ‘innovations’ have imitated nature for years – creating better products. Technology calls this bionics.

That is why we process wool into sleeping bag fillings and take advantage of this natural material’s special properties: wool insulates reliably in cold weather, and if it is too warm it has a cooling effect much like an air conditioning system.

As well as the intelligent climatic properties of wool, it is also very breathable as a filling material.

In other words: our wool sleeping bag is always well ventilated and continuously takes away the moisture that is produced during sleep – not only through sweating, but also through normal breathing. This keeps the body dry, warm and supplied with sufficient oxygen throughout the entire sleep cycle. This makes sleeping a relaxing experience and a healthy way to recharge your batteries

The most outstanding characteristic is: Alpine wool....... retains its special properties even when it is damp!

This is the great advantage over conventional filling material used by most sleeping bag manufacturers.

Grüezi bag wool sleeping bag: Die natürliche Lösung für guten Schlaf

Did you know that the high-quality, tried-and-tested Alpine wool that we use exclusively at Grüezi bag also has an antibacterial effect? This is a benefit which is particularly important for sheep which graze all year round, keeping germs and pathogens in check.

As far as we humans are concerned, the antibacterial effect of wool has the advantage that the salt crystals produced by sweating, which would get lodged in any other material, decompose here. This prevents odour from forming, which we know only too well from other materials!

That’s why a wool sleeping bag is the ideal solution – even for long expeditions!

The sleeping bag is easily machine-washable at 30° C using the wool cycle. We recommend only using wool detergent because of the high-quality filling.


In every area of life, the principle of “back to nature” is coming more and more to the fore. That’s why it’s high time to get a wool sleeping bag!

Alpine wool is a particularly sustainable natural material. It occurs naturally and does not have to be grown as a raw material. Using Grüezi bag wool sleeping bags saves energy and protects environmental resources.

They even protect the environment during sleep, because we only use wool from contented Alpine sheep when creating our wool-filled sleeping bags. Even if your sleeping bag one day has to be disposed of after many years of healthy sleep, our earth is happy to take care of it – because wool composts and is completely residue-free in less than 90 days!

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