Buy Grüezi bag sleeping bags online

Buy Grüezi bag sleeping bags online

Grüezi Bag is multiple sleeping bag test winner. The high-quality sleeping bags can now also be purchased online. Experience true sleeping comfort and pure nature experience!


Grüezi bag mehrfacher Award-Sieger


"Grüezi Bag relies on wool as an insulation material for sleeping bags and blankets. The advantage is a unique sleeping environment for healthy and restful sleep. Numerous awards and tests confirm our philosophy."


Our three sleeping bag constructions:

Almwolle – DownWool – Hybrid

All of our sleeping bags are optimized for sleeping comfort, but there are also differences:

AlmWolle sleeping bags:

AlmWolle sleeping bags are used when it gets damp. AlmWolle is insensitive when you are out and about in damp areas, e.g. directly on the lake / sea or river banks. Insensitive with an excellent sleeping climate.

DownWool sleeping bags:

The optimal area of application is here down to zero degrees. They are light and small and, as always, with the excellent sleeping climate of wool.

Hybrid sleeping bags:

If it gets far under zero degrees, the hybrid models are used. Light and small with an excellent sleeping climate and the best insulation.