Sleeping climate - German Design Award 2017

Grüezi Bag was the winner of the independent award "Outstanding Sleeping Bag Climate" with the German Design Award 2017.


Wake up fitter in the morning. Biopod Zero Wool offers: new wool filling for excellent insulation at a light weight, with the wool acting as a natural air conditioner. The wool always tries to maintain the optimal sleeping climate. Wool is insensitive to moisture, so the sleeping bag can be used almost anywhere. New cut for easier stepping into the sleeping bag, better and more comfortable foot ventilation. Pillow compartment. You have to test this climate!

Jury statement

The Biopod Zero is a sleeping bag carefully manufactured from high-quality materials, which offers maximum comfort and whose sensible use of materials promises an optimal sleeping climate. According to the manufacturer, you should definitely have experienced this yourself.

Schlafsack Klima