Sleeping bag washing instructions

Washing a sleeping bag is not rocket science!
If you follow the right instructions it can easily be machine-washed and then dried without any problems. However, the cleaning specifications may vary depending on the sleeping bag material.

Washing your Grüezi bag sleeping bag: Alpine wool

Wash Alpine wool SLEEPING BAGS AT A MAXIMUM OF 30°C in the WOOL WASH, turned INSIDE OUT and use WOOL DETERGENT. Spin at no more than 600 rpm. For best results, dry in air and not in the dryer.

Worth knowing: as wool is substantially self-cleaning due to the unique structure of the individual wool fibres and thus does not attract dirt and grime in the first place, frequent washing of our Alpine wool sleeping bag is not necessary. When the sleeping bag does eventually need a wash, this is straightforward as described above. Since wool is a quick-drying fibre, however, we recommend drying it in the air. This protects both the environment and your sleeping bag.

Washing your wool sleeping bag properly

Washing your Grüezi bag sleeping bag: DownWool

Wash DownWool SLEEPING BAGS AT A MAXIMUM OF 30°C by hand or in the WOOL WASH, turned inside out and use DOWN-WASHING DETERGENT. Program an extra rinse. Spin at no more than 600 rpm. Dry in the tumble dryer with 2 - 3 tennis balls.

Worth knowing: the additional rinse cycle ensures that all the detergent is rinsed out of the sensitive down feathers. When you take the sleeping bag out of the machine, loosen it up a little and then allow it to spin again at no more than 600 rpm. Do not use fabric softener!

If you put 2 or 3 clean tennis balls in the dryer together with the DownWool sleeping bag, this will improve the care factor. The drying temperature should be no higher than 30° C and be dried in about 5 phases of 1 hour each; the process may have to be repeated or continued into the next day until the sleeping bag is completely dry.

Important: Take the sleeping bag out of the machine after every single drying cycle, shake it up well and let it cool down for a short time.

If your sleeping bag is not properly dried and loosened (which is helped by using tennis balls), lumps of down form, which are very difficult to get rid of again. - Do not hang the article out, for example drying it on the clothes line!

The drying process can take different lengths of time (up to 2 days), depending on how watertight the outer material is. If the article still does not have its original thickness, the drying processes need to be repeated. Odours can develop while the article is still damp.

Washing your DownWool sleeping bags and down sleeping bags properly

Washing your Grüezi bag sleeping bag: Synthetic fibres

Wash your SYNTHETIC FIBRE SLEEPING BAGS ON THE DELICATES PROGRAM AT A MAXIMUM OF 30°C, turned INSIDE OUT and washed with DELICATES WASHING DETERGENT. Spin at no more than 600 rpm. Dry in the tumble dryer.

Worth knowing: if washed too hot, the sleeping bag will lose its bulkiness and therefore its insulation. In addition, the printing will fade. Normal powder detergents usually contain abrasives that can destroy the outer fabric. Spinning at too high revolutions will strain the seams and may even cause them to split!

Washing synthetic fibre sleeping bags properly