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Grüezi bag, the sleeping bag brand from the Alps, presents the new generation of sleeping bag filling:

Sleeping bags with alpine wool - the new generation of sleeping bag filling
  • Wool balances the climate
  • wool warms
  • Wool is insensitive to moisture
  • Wool is light and packs small
Until now there were only two alternatives for sleeping bag fillings:
down or synthetic fiber. Down insulates excellently and is characterized by a good climate. However, it gets damp very easily and then loses its good insulating properties. Synthetic fibers, on the other hand, are less affected by moisture, but they do not create as good a climate and do not insulate as well as natural down. Now there is a filling that combines the advantages of down and synthetic fibres: alpine wool insulates excellently even when wet and ensures an excellent dry climate in the sleeping bag! The advantages of alpine wool at a glance:
  • insulates even when wet
  • balances out temperatures perfectly – like a natural climate control system
  • antibacterial and odour-inhibiting
  • transports moisture to the outside
  • consists of 100% renewable raw materials
  • easy-care, washable and robust
  • flame retardant
  • restful peaceful sleep
  • very light and small in pack size

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New model from Grüezi bag. The Biopod combines all the advantages of wool. Is very small when packed, only 25x15cm and goes up to 2 degrees in the comfort range with a weight of only 950g. The Biopod series starts with a weight of 690g with the Biopod plus.

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light women's sleeping bag: beautiful, light and elegant. The cooperation with the well-known Spanish designer CATALINA ESTRADA.

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high-quality children's sleeping bags that grow with the child from 59.99

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Kids Monster + Butterfly wash bag

practical and cheeky travel companions for the kids.

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