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Grüezi Bag – the sleeping bag with alpine wool
Grüezi-Bag is a young Bavarian brand that has set itself the goal of developing innovative sleeping bags. In order to have a chance against the established manufacturers, a sleeping bag had to come out at the end of a long and complex development that is better than those previously available on the market.

The developments of the last decades in the sleeping bag sector have always been about improving the ratio of insulation to weight and volume.

The fact that the climate in the sleeping bag is of enormous importance for a healthy, restful sleep played a subordinate role. There were sleeping bags filled with synthetic fibers or down. Strangely, however, there was no sleeping bag filled with wool.

People have used wool in blankets for centuries. Wool has been used as an insulation material in winter jackets for a number of years and it works extremely well. So why not in a sleeping bag?

After numerous tests and trials, Markus Wiesböck, founder of Grüezi-Bag, found the right mix of materials and has been the first manufacturer to produce sleeping bags with alpine wool since 2015. It doesn't matter whether you are a professional product tester, outdoor enthusiast or a hobby camper: Almost everyone is enthusiastic about the excellent sleeping climate.

By the way, Grüezi-Bag is still owner-managed by the founder Markus Wiesböck. The development takes place in the Bavarian town of Bad Feilnbach directly on the Alps.

Alpine wool in the sleeping bag

Almwolle offers an excellent climate in the sleeping bag. Why?

Wool insulates very well, evens out large temperature differences, absorbs moisture and insulates even when wet. The result is a dry and well-tempered sleeping climate. The temperature range in which you feel comfortable in a sleeping bag with alpine wool, i.e. you do not freeze but also do not sweat, is therefore very large. Another essential factor for the excellent climate is that wool can absorb moisture without losing its insulating properties.

The Grüezi-Bag Biopod sleeping bags with alpine wool also have a very good pack size. The reason for this is that wool compresses very well. Because wool is a very flexible and stretchy fiber, it won't hurt if you compress it too much.

In addition, wool is also antibacterial. Odors and bacteria are neutralized in a natural way. This function is retained permanently and is not lost. If the Grüezi Bag sleeping bag with wool has to go into the washing machine, that's no problem. Set the wool washing program, use wool detergent and off you go.

Wool is also a renewable raw material and can be recycled. This saves resources and avoids mountains of rubbish.