Direct mail from TaChicks to us!

Grüezi bag Schlafsack im Pamir Gebirge

I finally got around to writing to you personally.

I think you followed our TaChicks story, I saw that you already shared a photo on FB...

If you read the blog, you could hear our absolute enthusiasm for sleeping bags!!?

I'm (as I said at the beginning) not really a sleeping bag fan, I'd rather have a huge blanket around me - but I really didn't want to get out of the Grüezi bag anymore... I had it with me before the rally to test it when I was camping with the kids and it didn't matter whether it was in the Allgäu, or in the vastness of the steppe, the Tajikistan plateau or on the Romanian beer tables at our checkpoint party: every night was perfect! Never frozen, never sweaty, always snuggly!!

I am sending you our four best sleeping bag photos. I am heartbroken (!!!) that we didn't take a good picture in our high plateau camp!!!! But it was sooooo cold!!! When we pitched our camp, it was almost dark, we just shivered in the storm and crawled into "bed" (our Sepp) super fast.... And in the morning we were so busy scraping ice, making tea and worrying that we could tow our car successfully (our starter was already broken and we always had to rely on another team) that we completely forgot to take photos... Very, very annoying, but unfortunately we can't change it anymore.

Blanket sleeping bag Blanket Goas

Sleeping bag in the mobile home

Sleeping bag across the border

Sleeping bag on the BUS

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