The history of Grüezi bag

Grüezi Bag – the sleeping bag with Almwolle

Grüezi Bag is a young Bavarian brand that aims at developing innovative sleeping bags. To be able to compete against the established manufacturers, a long and complex process was necessary to develop a sleeping bag which is better than those available on the market.

During the last few decades the main focus in sleeping bag development was placed on improving insulation in proportion to weight and volume.

The fact that for healthy and restorable sleep it is above all the climate inside the sleeping bag which is of tremendous importance only played a minor part. There were sleeping bags filled with synthetic fibre or with down. Strangely enough there was no sleeping bag filled with wool.

People have used wool in blankets for hundreds of years. For a few years, wool has been used as an insulation material in winter jackets, which works excellently. So why not in a sleeping bag?

After numerous tests and experiments, Markus Wiesböck, the founder of Grüezi Bag, found the right material mix, and in 2015 he was the first manufacturer to make sleeping bags with Almwolle (wool of mountainsheeps). Whether professional product testers, outdoor-enthusiasts or hobby campers: almost all of them are delighted with the excellent sleeping climate.

But the best sleeping climate was not enough for Markus. He also wanted the best insulation and a small packing size. After three years of development, Grüezi bag presented the new filling material DownWool.

DownWool combines the benefits of down (best insulation) and wool (perfect dry climate).

Grüezi Bag still is an owner-operated business managed by its founder Markus Wiesböck. Development is carried out in Bad Feilnbach in Bavaria, at the foot of the Alps.