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In a few words we would like to introduce you to the DNA of Rejka, as we understand the definition of light and ultralight a little differently than other manufacturers. Since the beginning of tent production in the mid-1990s, our goal has been to build robust, durable and comfortable tents that are also affordable for average earners. Nothing has changed to this day! We think with good reason that there are many advantages to camping in more than just weight:
More safety through robust materials! More comfort through useful features! Sustainability through longevity!
And in combination with our own repair workshop, which repairs everything that is feasible, or with the option of being able to buy inner and outer tents separately, our tents are more sustainable than ever: Because for us, nothing is more sustainable than tents that have a long life and not have to be disposed of after just a few years due to material fatigue, as is the case with many products with super-light fabrics!
In short: We want you to feel comfortable in your Rejka tent and we assure you that you will find a reliable companion for many years in your new outdoor home that will not let you down on tour!
When the urge to be one with nature grows, only then does outdoor become a passion. And that's exactly why Rejka offers the right tents for your outdoor adventure! Since a tent alone is not enough, you will also find the great sleeping bags from Grüezi-Bag.
"The Two from Bavaria" Rejka and Grüezi bag
In this section we would like to introduce an old companion who has also been on the road with his company in the outdoor sector for a long time. 
Reiner from Rejka:
When I opened my own outdoor shop Sport Go West in Kolbermoor in 1996, I paid attention to the best quality, just as I do today. I've always wanted to sell something good. As we say in Bavaria, "It's too expensive to buy cheap."
Better a good part that lasts a long time than 3 times cheap. This attitude is also necessary for the environment. Here the Bavarian tent manufacturer Rejka caught my eye. His tents were stable, super cut and made of the best materials. In the early days, Reiner came by personally on his motorbike to present the collection. You just have to like someone like that. Even now, many years later, my own tent is still holding up perfectly and Rejka's tents are still as good as they used to be.
The materials have changed over the years, but the tent constructions have largely remained the same, as dome and tunnel tents have proven themselves on tour for the respective purpose.
Reiner has also adapted to the market with his tents over the course of time, so here too weight is now a big factor. However, he has always remained true to his maxim that Rejka tents stand for reliability, comfort and durability. And the longevity of the tents, which was already valid 25 years ago, is still valid today, so that Rejka tents stand for sustainability, especially in this day and age. Because every Rejka tent that does not have to be produced due to its long service life conserves resources and is therefore better than any environmentally optimized process that nevertheless puts a strain on the environmental cycle.
Even the two ultra-light models Antao II light UL and Antao II light XLUL are weight-optimized, but functional enough to go on extended trekking tours. It should be noted here that the fabrics of these two models are not as tear-resistant as in the "normal" Light series and that the tours should also be selected with more care.
The Rejka range currently includes 11 models, with the tunnel tents predominating, since Reiner even favors tunnel-shaped tents, as he uses this type of tent on his tours in Scandinavia and tests it himself. Compared to dome tents, tunnel tents have the decisive advantage of the large vestibule, where you can cook in bad weather and stow all your utensils without any problems.
The newly developed dome tents Hamra light and Hamra light HC (named after a national park near Sveg in Sweden) with internal poles are free-standing, on the other hand, have two large entrances on the inner and outer tent and, due to the steep walls in the inner tent, also offer enough space for tall people space and headroom. 4 ventilations in the two models of the Hamra tents ensure that there is always a good climate in both dome tents and that relatively little condensation can form.
We are very happy that we have found each other as business friends and that we can present the Rejka tents on the Grüezi Bag page.

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