Size information for sleeping bags, jackets and shirts

Grüezi bag tailors clothing according to German clothing standards. This gives you really good freedom of movement, as an elaborate cut also works with the onion principle.

The sleeping bags have a comfortable cut. This ensures a restful sleep if you don't feel like you're cramped in a sausage skin.

What is the right size for my sleeping bag?

When is a sleeping bag suitable? “Should it be tight”?

No, a sleeping bag cannot be too tight. If, for example, you hit the sleeping bag on the shoulders, you compress the filling at this point in such a way that the infamous cold bridges arise.

We have already described the sleeping bag tests on dolls here as unrealistic . They do not move, are back sleepers and have standardized heights and weights.

We therefore recommend taking both height and stature into account for our sleeping bags in our product descriptions. Of course you can also use the next larger sleeping bag version, as you just have to warm up more air.

Apart from that, we are convinced that sleep with sufficient opportunity to move leads to relaxation and we attach great importance to the comfort cut.


Grüezi bag gives the inside dimensions of the sleeping bags. And to save you the complicated calculation of how many centimeters have to be added to your height, we take everything into account:

  • we take the foot length into account. Because when you sleep, your feet fold forward, so the total body length = body length + foot length.
  • We take comfort into account: that's why we add 30 cm to your height so that you feel comfortable without hitting your head and feet.
  • We also take your body stature into account when recommending the length. See “being tight.”