Grüezi bag innovations

It's about comfort and therefore energy for the body. Always!

Why wool as a material?

Wool acts like a natural air conditioning system: it can absorb moisture from the body and release it again in doses. And even when wet, wool continues to warm; it is the only natural, climate-balancing material. Wool sleeping bags ensure a dry, warm all-round feeling of well-being.

In order to achieve a balanced sleeping environment, Markus Wiesböck has been perfecting the contemporary, highly functional wool sleeping bag since 2015. After many attempts with different cuts, functional features, chambers and wool blends (there was even a clogged washing machine after the first test wash), the “Biopod Wool Zero” came onto the market, “my dream sleeping bag” says the proud pioneer and inventor.

The reactions to the first wool sleeping bag with a comfort cut were enthusiastic. a light wool sleeping bag that guarantees a dry, warm sleeping environment thanks to the wool properties and is comfortably cut. Because a sleeping bag from Grüezi bag® should not only be sustainable, but also functional and innovative!

The “ Biopod Wolle Zero ” received an Outdoor Industry Award in 2015, an Editors’ Choice from Outdoor Magazine in 2016 and the German Design Award in 2017.

New material blends with wool

Once again, many attempts were made until Grüezi bag presented the unique insulation “DownWool®” with a 30% wool and 70% down mixture: Since 2017, DownWool® has been setting new standards in insulation and wearing comfort because it combines the advantages of both natural materials, down and wool:

  • Thanks to down, a sleeping bag is highly insulating and lightweight and small when packed. But once down gets sweaty or absorbs ambient humidity, it collapses and no longer insulates.
  • The wool content helps here, it keeps the down dry.

After almost 100 samples and thanks to our own machine, the down finally combines with the wool fiber, creates a constant climate and is washable without chemical treatment. The innovative DownWool® sleeping bags (patent pending since 2017) are once again highly awarded and celebrated: The “ Biopod Downwool Subzero ” sleeping bags are becoming one of the most successful product series at Grüezi bag.

So that expeditions can also use Grüezi bag®, Markus Wiesböck continues to experiment and patents his latest invention in 2015: The original Grüezi bag® DownWool hybrid sleeping bag is the first sleeping bag in the world with innovative layer insulation made of high-quality goose down and lavalan® Alpine wool, which thanks to additional Wool layer can cope with wetter and cold temperatures. In addition, a carbon heating element can be life-saving for people who are cold. The “ Biopod DownWool Hybrid ” series will also be tested by the German Bundeswehr in May 2021: in the cold chamber down to -40 °C and under scientific observation, the test subjects sleep best with the sleeping bag from the Grüezi bag® brand!

Thanks to its layered construction with a wool layer, a down sleeping bag can now cope with humid and cold temperatures.

2019: the 1st sleeping bag in the world that is fully compostable

The " Biopod DownWool Nature Comfort " is made from 100% natural materials, from the DownWool filling to the olive wood button. He will be the darling of ISPO 2019 and the Outdoor Industry Award Winner 2018.

Shirts and insulating jackets

The red (wool) thread also runs through the new clothing line: thanks to wool, the tops are odor-inhibiting, antibacterial, quick-drying and temperature-regulating. And the good wool is known to keep you warm even when wet.

  • WoodWool shirts are made from 50% of the finest merino wool. The 50% wood fiber content ensures a velvety-soft feel and a more durable fabric than pure merino shirts.
  • The world's first DownWool® jackets and DownWool ® vests are naturally less sensitive to high humidity and therefore provide excellent insulation in cold, wet weather. DownWool® offers significant advantages over pure down or wool jackets.
  • SilkWool jackets will be new on the market from spring 2024. The insulation made from 30% recycled silk and 50% wool ensures a wide range of comfort from cooler spring to summer days. Silk transports moisture very quickly from the inside of the jacket to the outside.

Airspacer, the 3in1 solution

In 2020, a new combination was registered for a utility model: A 3-in-1 solution for camping fans: tent, sleeping mat and sleeping bag in one.

Detachable tent

The next utility model registration will be in 2021: a 1-man tent that can be coupled to the other tent using zippers.

2022: the world's first duvet with DownWool® filling

A duvet that contains the tried-and-tested DownWool® blend and incorporates zinc in its cover: Grüezi bag® products can now also move into the bedroom at home!

2023: the first sleeping mat in the world with a V-double chamber construction

When he slipped off a sleeping mat one night, Markus Wiesböck improved the sleeping mat the way it should be: double-layered, V-chambers, wool insulation, comfortable, stable: The Wool Mat Camping (Comfort) (utility model registered in 2023).

    And many other innovative product features

    For Markus Wiesböck, doing better means, on the one hand, developing insulation fillings that are better than conventional ones. But what good is the material if it becomes uncomfortable?

    Comfort cut

    Therefore, the sleeping bags and clothing offer an optimal comfort cut. Lots of freedom of movement and style with jackets, better and more peaceful sleep with sleeping bags, even if you're a side sleeper or just don't want a feeling of sausage skin in your sleeping bag. That's why we continue to tailor our sleeping bags and even have wide versions for people with a wider stature. If your shoulders are snug in your sleeping bag, you will have a cold bridge due to the lack of air insulation.

    “This means we are swimming against the prevailing crowd in the industry,” says the managing director. “But we know from many laboratory tests that the test subjects sleep more peacefully and more deeply.”


    At Grüezi bag, the development of a product is carried out in one hand, from the yarn to the filling.

    • Jackets and sleeping bags have OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification for all materials used. This label for textiles tested for harmful substances guarantees that the product is harmless to health.
    • PFC-free : No perfluorinated chemicals are used and the outer fabrics are recycled. Thanks to an innovative impregnation , they are permanently windproof and highly water-repellent. The impregnation is based on bio-based raw materials (BeSoDRY-ECO).
    • Colors : We use selected BEMACRON dyes from the CHT Group: they are non-toxic to nature and meet both Cradle to Cradle requirements and the bluesign® standard.
    • Outer and inner fabric: Ultralight, robust and recycled nylon that feels incredibly soft, supple and silky on the skin. This is achieved by pulling the fabric over hot rollers to constrict the pores. This makes the fabric down-proof, impermeable to clothes moths and still remains naturally breathable without the usual plastic coating. The pores do not stick together either due to the bio-based BeSoDRY-ECO impregnation or the sustainable BEMACRON dyes.
    • We pay attention to animal welfare and use RDS-certified down ( RDS CU 859743) and mulesing-free sheep's wool from Europe.


    A lot of experience and customer wishes go into Grüezi-bag products. Depending on the product, there are small but fine details:

    • Arc-shaped zippers so that your feet can be placed on, not next to, the sleeping bag.
    • White zipper: This makes it easier to find the zipper in the dark.
    • Zipper with anti-snag zipper and robust webbing underneath: This makes the zipper even easier to operate without pinching the outer fabric.
    • The zipper has an underlaid zipper cover to prevent wind from entering, heat from escaping and cold spots from forming.
    • The YKK zipper can be opened and closed from either end and from the inside and outside. Auto-lock prevents it from opening accidentally.
    • Feater loops in the sleeping bag: Heat hip bag with heating element (Feater - The Feet Heater) can also be installed.
    • Can be coupled: The sleeping bag can be connected to another sleeping bag from the same series (which has the zipper on the other side) to form a double sleeping bag
    • A comfortable pillow compartment: Simply insert a fleece jacket here and you have a pillow that won't slip while you sleep.
    • A carbon heating element integrated into a sleeping bag: simply connect it to a power bank and the foot area is heated.
    • Adjustable hood with face baffle: The heat bead adapts perfectly to the shape of your head. When it's cold, only a small face hole remains open and therefore there is less loss of temperature in the face. The elastic drawstring can be stored in a small drawstring bag.
    • 3D thermal collar: Automatically closes in the zipper area, so there is no cold bridge in the zipper area.
    • Pre-shaped foot box: When lying down there is enough space in the sleeping bag to put your toes up.
    • Sleeping bag with two different insulation sides
    • Underquilt is insulation that is attached under the hammock so that it doesn't get cold from below.
    • Featers or quilts for weight savers. The Featers can be heated using a USB connection.
    • Dome-shaped 3D mosquito net to attach to the headboard

    Look forward to the next few years with further product innovations and comfortable new features from Grüezi bag!