Advent calendar day 21

Gr├╝ezi bag ADVENture CALENDAR

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Gr├╝ezi bag WellhealthBlanket Wool Deluxe

Gr├╝ezi bag WellhealthBlanket Wool Deluxe

A long day, finally home and relax. There is just the right thing for you. The WellhealthBlanket Wool Deluxe . Its cuddly outer material nestles gently against the skin.

The body uses most of its energy to regulate its temperature. This is where the WellhealthBlanket Wool Home comes in. Its filling made of AlmWolle by lavalan® acts like a natural air conditioner. As a result, the body uses less energy to regulate temperature and has more energy to recover.

The ceiling is fluffy light and beautiful in design. The trick: the blanket comes in two trendy colors and when put together differently, it ensures a fresh look in the house.

The blanket can of course go anywhere. Whether as a blanket in a hotel, for spending the night with friends, as a picnic blanket, or in the car. A must have not only on the couch!

Discover the other colors and variants of the Gr├╝ezi bag Home Edition !

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