Dear Grüezi-Bag CSI sleeping bag fans,

you look at a magazine and see your own products, what could be nicer?!

FREERIDE magazine took a close look at our CSI sleeping bag and came up with this wonderful article – we quote:

"Wild camping is forbidden? It doesn't matter. With the CSI sleeping bag model, you can even sleep next to the S-Bahn tracks or lie down in the middle of St. Mark's Square in Venice, people will let you snooze in peace and walk around the outside in a wide arc.... The Swiss outdoor company Grüezi-Bag has thought of everything and tailored the 3-season sleeping bag in breathable, rustle-free fabric - so the movements of the supposed corpse go unnoticed."

If you would like to have peace and quiet in your sleeping bag, you can buy this breathable 3-season sleeping bag from Fritz Berger or Radbag, for example.

In terms of quality, you can expect the following with this criminal sleeping bag:

High-quality 3-season outdoor sleeping bag (spring, summer and autumn) with a cheeky design - boring is out - the special thing about it is in it. Its high-quality AIR 3D fiber stores a lot of air, which warms you up when it gets cold and is pleasant when it gets warmer. The outer material comes without a coating thanks to a second lower layer. That is why the sleeping bag is rustle-free and highly breathable. No savings were made on the interior either. The inner material is very soft and the inside of the foot is equipped with microfleece. Everything together makes this sleeping bag an experience.


  • Outer material: breathable and water-repellent soft polyester
  • Inner material: soft, highly breathable Feelsilk microfiber Filling: ARL Airfiber hollow fiber 750g
  • Design: printed Size: 230x80x55cm
  • Weight: approx.1590g
  • Pack size: new Easypacksack (large packsack for easy packing, which can be greatly reduced for a small pack size for transport)
  • Pack volume: 15 liters compressible to 9 liters
  • Temperature EN 13537: 4°C/-1°C extr. to -17°C Good night then!

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