"Grüezi bag, the luxurious sleeping option" - the magazine 'Outdoormarkt' informs!


'Enjoy your holidays in Germany with all amenities - ready for a new adventure?' The sleeping bags from Grüezi bag , with wool filling, offer the best conditions for a healthy sleep.

The magazine 'Outdoormarkt' reports in issue no. 4 from June 2020 how comfortable the Grüezi bag sleeping bags are. And of course about wool, the natural air conditioning system.

Here the report as .pdf for download:

Magazin-Outdoormarkt-Article-Issue-No. 04-June-2020-Glamping in Germany with Grüezi bag

Wake up fit! In the ' Biopod DownWool Nature ' it feels like in bed at home - that's ☆☆☆ glamping ☆☆☆ pure. Outdoormarkt-Article-Issue-No.04-June 2020-Glamping in Germany with Grüezi bag

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