Cold killers scrutinized by WildHikesTV

gruezi-bag-schlafsack-Wildhikes TV -Feater-The Feet Heater

The Grüezi bag 'Feater-The Feet Heater' was extensively checked for its functions by 'WildHikes TV'. You can see in the video what the heatable, waist-high additional bag, which fits in every sleeping bag, is suitable for:

WildHikesTV -Video from November 04, 2018 - Feater - The Feet Heater

The heating element installed in the foot area can be operated with a standard power bank via a USB interface. Ice feet don't stand a chance anymore!

gruezi-bag-Feater-The Feet Heater-Video WildHikes TV from 04 Nov 2018

Fulfill your dream of an extra portion of warmth with the 'Feater - The Feet Heater' from Grüezi bag.

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