Sleep comfortably despite arctic temperatures - SAZsport informs!

SAZ-Cover-Ausgabe16-01072019-Biopod Hybrid Ice Extreme

Have you already caught the outdoor fever - and do you want to explore icy landscapes? The unique sleeping bag ' Biopod Down Hybrid Ice Extreme ' from Grüezi bag offers an unforgettable sleeping experience after such a tour. It was specially developed for use well below freezing.

The specialist magazine 'SAZsport ' presented this sleeping bag with an integrated heating element in its July 2019 issue.

Read the .pdf for download here:

Magazine-SAZsport-Issue16-01July2019-Biopod Hybrid Ice Extreme

gruezi bag sleeping bag Biopod Hybrid Ice Extreme 'Cold feet are annoying, especially your own' - so get into a cuddly 'Biopod Hybrid Ice Extreme' from Grüezi bag !

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