Typical outdoor equipment - presented by 'Survival Magazine'!

Survival Magazin Cover-2/2019- Biopod Wolle Plus

What is typical for German? The trade journal 'Survival Magazin' reports in its May/June/July-2-2019 issue about equipment for the outdoor area 'Made in Germany'. The ' Biopod Wool Plus ' sleeping bag from Grüezi bag packs down small and is an outdoor companion from the Bavarian Alps.

Read the article from page 33 of the above-mentioned magazine:

Survival Magazine-2-2019-page 33-Biopod Wool Plus by Gruezi bag

The ' Biopod Wool Plus ' from Grüezi bag is insensitive to moisture and can therefore be used almost anywhere. An excellent outdoor companion for your 'summit happiness'!

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