Since May 2015 we have been working with many great bloggers. There is now a great blogger campaign every month, which will always be announced on our Facebook page. Interested bloggers can apply and will then be selected accordingly. Dear Jana tested our Wash bag in large on her blog, “Favorite Fleck”, and wrote a really nice blog article about it. Thank you for the great cooperation!

Here you can read:

Toiletry bags - something is always wrong, either too small, too impractical, too big, no hanging hook or or or.

I've bought so many toiletry bags and something always bothered me. We all have our own bags, we don't always travel together. Biscuit is on holiday at Grandma's, Jan goes to Mondays or I'm staying at a friend's house. But so far we haven't had a bag that we can use together for a weekend with the family.

Thanks to the Grüezi bag* I was able to test the Washbag large**. Thanks to the Grüezi bag team for this.

A real miracle of space I can only say:

  • Dimensions: 14cm x 15cm x 24cm
  • Materials: 100% Polyester
  • Weight: 265g
  • 2 small pockets
  • 2 larger pockets
  • Mesh pocket large
  • Large zip pocket
  • Mirror (removable thanks to Velcro)
  • hanging hook

Toothbrushes, razors and the like no longer fly around loosely in the bag, but are also immediately to hand. Even the hairbrushes and combs don't fly around. It's also much more hygienic when everything has its place. The small mirror is also super practical, shaving or applying makeup would also work with it if necessary.

Even in the smallest bathroom there is a place for this darling. Whether on the heater, the door or on the towel hook. So far I always had to find a place to stow my bag in Mama's bathroom. Washing machine is a top loader and when she wanted to wash she always put my bag away. Now I can easily hang the bag on the inside of the bathroom door because it has a hook strip for towels there.

Everything is safely stowed away, even when stuffed to the brim. If you don't have any more space in your suitcase because you've packed too much, no problem, you can carry the bag like this or pack it in the trunk and smuggle more shoes into the suitcase. 😉

For a short vacation or a weekend getaway, we can accommodate everything for the family. Also super practical for me alone, because instead of Jan's and biscuit things I can also get my make-up bag with me. When packing, I was really surprised when more and more fit in. At first I thought that the bag would be practical for one person, but I was surprised and happy that we have a bag for the whole family.

Washbag large model "Logo"*** is priced at around €25 (e.g. on Amazon) and has everything a toiletry bag needs.

Kiss your Jana

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