Plastic-free sleeping experience - Magazine 'BBC Countryfile' reports!

BBC Countryfile Magazin-Cover-042020

Life without plastic - healthy, sustainable and in harmony with nature. Plastic-free sleeping in the " Biopod DownWool Nature " from Grüezi bag . The English outdoor magazine 'BBC Countryfile' recommends the ideal sleeping companion made from 100% natural - from the packaging to the last button !

Read the English article here as a .pdf file for download:

BBC Countryfile Magazine-042020-Article page 115-Biopod DownWool Nature

gruezi-bag sleeping bag biopod DownWool Nature

Wake up fit, feel at home in bed -

this is ensured by the unique innovative DownWool filling of the sleeping bag

' Biopod DownWoll Nature ' by Grüezi bag .

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