Sleeping bag test and conclusion report from 'Bushcraft and Adventure'!


The ideal sleeping bag ' Biopod Wool Survival ' from Grüezi bag went with us for one night to Survival Lilly's bugout camp in Austria. Youtuber Vanessa Blank - 'Bushcraft and Adventure' loved it, especially the appealing color and unique extras.

In their video from March 14, 2020 you can find out more about the high-quality Grüezi bag sleeping bag. She particularly liked the fact that the outer fabric of the ' Biopod Wolle Survial ' has rubber nubs on the underside. This prevents the annoying slipping off the mattress.

Here is the link to the YouTube test video:

Bushcraft and Adventure Bugout Camp Austria-Biopod Wolle Survial-14 March 2020

Youtube test video-Vanessa Blank-Bushcraft and adventure-Bugout Camp Austria-Biopod Wolle Survial-14 March 2020

By the way, the ' Biopod Wool Survial ' has a special accessory - an integrated mosquito net .

Youtuber Vanessa Blank already thinks this gadget is awesome and will probably test the sleeping bag again in summer 2020!

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