10.30 a.m. Hotel Aspethera on 10.10.15. I'm doing the final touches to prepare for the Product Blogger Lounge when Markus from Grüezi Bag comes into the conference room with a backpack and a small suitcase on wheels. In my element, I almost overlooked him, but only almost! Because he is unmistakable, at least when he starts to speak. Based on the Bavarian dialect, I knew how to identify him. Markus was a guest who presented himself, his philosophy and products at my event. We talked in an absolutely casual way, a very likeable young man who you immediately want to hug.

When Markus gave his lecture about the Grüezi Bag, everything was clear: his products are absolute hits! We were all enthusiastic about his corporate philosophy, his conviction and his strength of will. He made us laugh with a presentation. The story and the success of the products made us wide-eyed. He managed to launch the sleeping bags that are the focus of attention and that's simply because the products are absolutely brilliant. Starting with the material composition, which refers to Alm wool: easy-care, robust, odorless, breathable, flame-retardant, temperature-regulating and moisture-protecting (which you can also read more about on the Grüezi Bag homepage), through to the design. The design of the sleeping bags is also convincing. Patterns such as cowhide or Blutsgeschwister design convinced us immediately. The sleeping bags are not only functionally top notch, they are also visually a hit for outdoor activities. When a sleeping bag was pulled out of the suitcase as a showpiece, a AHHH and OHHH went through the ranks of the Product Blogger Lounge guests. They are soooo cuddly and soft that we all wished we could take a sleeping bag home with us.

The attention to detail gives the products the icing on the cake. For example, the women's sleeping bag was designed in such a way that the woman can bend one leg as usual when sleeping or put a pillow in the hood area. The enthusiasm for the sleeping bags was unmistakable and I am sure that one or the other will now also be found under the Christmas tree. I would like to present two products to you in more detail and I am sure that you will also rave about them.


When I travel, I take half the bathroom with me. Typical woman? No, because men also have to stow away their razors next to the care products. A large and, above all, functional wash bag is needed here. For the ladies of creation, it is certainly crucial that the wash bag is also visually pretty. No problem for Grüezi Bag! The designs convince! Whether girls' colors, children's designs or men's colors, everything is available. I chose the Alps pattern.

When I took the bag (material: 100% polyester) out of the packaging, I was amazed by the size. So much space!!! This would be the first time that I will possibly carry all the utensils in one bag with me? Certainly no problem with the dimensions 14cmx15cmx24cm. After all, in addition to the spacious interior, it also has two small pockets for small things like Q tips or scissors, two larger pockets and a large mesh pocket. Here I am able to separate decorative from care cosmetics. Perfect!

A mirror is also integrated, which again shows the attention to detail. A hanging hook is included, perfect for campground showers where there is usually not a lot of storage space.


Of course I tried it out: shower gel, hair wash, creams, brush, deodorant, comb, decorative cosmetics such as make-up, mascara, eyeshadow and powder, utensils such as make-up brushes, scissors, cotton pads and various small things! Before I had the bag, I traveled with 2 bags: one for decorative cosmetics, the other for care cosmetics. Thanks to the Grüezi Bag, that is now over. I'm excited!

Now that I was so overwhelmed by the lecture in the lounge, I decided to put a children's sleeping bag under the Christmas tree for my nephew, who is now 4 years old. He was allowed to choose one from the Grüezi Bag brochure, because there are extra sleeping bags for children! Practical for overnight stays with friends and the first nights in a tent. My nephew immediately went for the cow pattern and the green color. A good choice in my opinion. I ordered the sleeping bag and it arrived at my home well packaged. I know I'm early this year with the gifts, but what you've got, you've got. Since it's a Christmas present, I can't offer you any photos with a child in it, but I've put together a few collages just from the sleeping bag for you.


The sleeping bag consists of a 2-layer construction that keeps you nice and warm. A cuddly fleece on the inside of the foot and the velvet collar let the children sleep and cuddle even better. The material does not rustle and guarantees a good night's sleep.

Other important data:

  • The outer material is breathable and water-repellent
  • 100% polyester.
  • The inner material consists of soft Feelsilk microfiber 100% polyester.
  • The filling: AIR-Fiber-3D-Fiber 2 layers (100% polyester)
  • Size: 140-180x65x45cm - packed size: 34x20cm, compressed 21x20cm
  • Pack volume: 11 liters, compressible to 7 liters
  • Temperature EN 13537: According to EN standard 13537, precise temperature specifications for children's sleeping bags are not permitted.
  • Height: 100-155cm (growing)

How does the sleeping bag grow with you? Quite simply: there is a small zipper on the footwell, when you open it, the sleeping bag expands. Incidentally, the sleeping bag consists of a breathable AIR-Fiber-3D-Fiber, which stores a lot of air and thus ensures an optimal sleeping climate. What I also find very important: the zipper is protected with a lined cover strip, so no heat escapes to the outside. The sleeping bag is very easy to open and close and packing is also child's play.

As soon as my nephew uses the sleeping bag for the first time, I promise you that I will of course document it with pictures. If only Christmas were tomorrow! I'm very excited and I'm looking forward to the bright eyes when he unpacks the cow sleeping bag. As you can see and read, I am an absolute Grüezig Bag fan and I hope that I was able to bring the products a little closer to you. One thing I can assure you, once you get to know Markus and hold the products in your hands, you will become as big a fan as I am!

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