Wild sleeping bag designs with GRÜEZI BAG

Wilde Schlafsack Designs mit GRÜEZI BAG

The name beckons with the fence post when it comes to the home of this unusual sleeping bag design: The Grüezi-bags come from the Bavarian foothills of the Alps. In Kolbermoor near Rosenheim, Markus Wiesböck came up with the idea of ​​designing high-quality sleeping bags in an unusual way.

The main variants of the outdoor specialist are the classic Grüezi-bag Adult and the Spider down sleeping bag. The adult model is designed for temperatures of + 6 °C and + 10 °C (extreme range - 6 °C) and comes with some sophisticated technical details:
The cuddly fleece on the inside of the foot keeps your feet warm, the integrated hologram technology is designed to help you sleep healthier and better, and the easy-pack system promises to compress the large pack sack (for easy storage) to a small pack size (pack volume can be compressed from 15 to nine liters).

Almost unbeatable: the sleeping bags with a cool design are available from just 69.99 euros. The Grüezi-bags are available in the versions cow ("cool" sleeping bag with a cowhide look), puzzle, zebra skin, CSI, flower power, patchwork and as a pink-colored dancer sleeping bag.
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