Advent calendar day 16

Gr├╝ezi bag ADVENture CALENDAR

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Biopod DownWool Nature Comfort

Gr├╝ezi bag is giving away the Biopod DownWool Nature Comfort , that's pure glamping. You feel at home in bed and wake up fit!

Due to the natural materials of the sleeping bag, the Biopod DownWool Nature Comfort feels pleasantly supple and creates an excellent sleeping climate thanks to its innovative DownWool filling, a mixture of down and wool. The down provides cozy insulation, the wool acts as a natural air conditioner.

The Biopod DownWool Nature is a blanket and sleeping bag in one. Thanks to its overlapping construction, the Nature Comfort can be unfolded completely, making it easier to get into the sleeping bag or to make a large family blanket out of it. The highlight: You can also adjust the width if you want more space.

100% natural from the packaging to the last button!

Since the model is brand new on the market, you will not receive the sleeping bag until the end of January!

Biopod DownWool Nature Comfort

Much luck!