Advent calendar day 23

Gr├╝ezi bag ADVENture CALENDAR

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Gr├╝ezi bag Biopod DownWool Ice in action

The Biopod DownWool Ice is a high-quality sleeping bag with an innovative DownWool filling for use on cold winter nights.

Start the day energetically: good sleep is important so that you are fit again the next day. Its innovative DownWool filling , a mixture of down and wool, can help you with this. The down provides excellent insulation with a light weight, the wool regulates the moisture balance in the sleeping bag and ensures a dry climate.

In a dry, warm climate, the body can recover better. This is important on long tours around freezing point.

If it gets too warm, you can easily stretch your feet out to air them through the round zip in the foot section without getting dirty. The pillow compartment is also very practical. Simply put a fleece jacket in here and you have a non-slip pillow. The Biopod DownWool Ice keeps you warm and dry for a good night's sleep in freezing temperatures.

Choose your Biopod DownWool Ice , find the right size!

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