Year of birth: 1999

City: Innsbruck

Equipment: Biopod Down Hybrid Ice Extreme

I'm Blanka, I'm 22 years old and I've been living in beautiful Innsbruck for almost four years now. I came here to study (geography and architecture) and just to be in the mountains. This close proximity to the mountains is incredibly valuable to me. So I can enjoy nature every day and practice my favorite sports. In winter, this includes ski tours in particular, when it gets warmer I can mostly be found on the rock for bouldering or on my bike. My vacations alternate between bouldering trips and bikepacking adventures. The main thing is to be outside and moving. Of course, I'm always there for hikes right from the front door. In the future I'm planning a trip around the world, preferably by bike, but next year I'll definitely be studying and enjoying the mountains around Innsbruck. Sustainability is also important to me. This is part of my diet, my mobility but also important in terms of equipment. So I often buy second-hand goods and, when buying new ones, look at the quality, longevity and certifications of down products, for example. That's why I like to test the products from Gruezi Bag, because they are well compatible with my values.

Biopod Down Hybrid Ice Extreme

I was allowed to test the Biopod Down Hybrid Ice Extreme sleeping bag from Grüezi bag. This was used at the beginning of May on a hike in the Silvretta, a mountain group in the central Eastern Alps. The hike started in the village of Galtür in the direction of the Ballunspitze. The sleeping place was deliberately chosen on a flat surface between snowfields and was on the north side at about 2350 meters. The coldest possible location should be used to test the winter sleeping bag. We actually wanted to bivouac, but due to the strong wind we put up the tent.

The tour went past beautiful cold mountain lakes, imposing snowfields and rushing mountain streams deeper and deeper into the Silvretta Group. We found a flat spot on a small plateau and set up our tent just before the sun went down. Blow up the sleeping pad and take out the Grüezi bag sleeping bag and snuggle up right away. The hood is pulled over and closed, only the eye area is still sticking out. Then it got warm immediately and you were no longer exposed to the icy wind and cold. The warming function for the feet was briefly tried out and with a pleasant warmth we fell asleep immediately. I slept perfectly through the night and didn't shiver for a single moment. The next morning, because of the cold, we had a leisurely breakfast in our sleeping bags and then we headed back towards the valley, where we wanted to go bouldering the next day.


During the nights it was approximately -4 degrees and I have never slept so warm and cozy at these temperatures. After just a few minutes, the sleeping bag warmed up and I also think the function of the heat panels on the feet is awesome. If you're really so cold that you can't warm up the sleeping bag itself that quickly, this feature helps immensely. I also find the material super comfortable on the skin. Other things that struck me and stood out in contrast to other sleeping bags are the zipper and the anti-slip strips on the back. I find both very well made and make a long-lasting impression. The size was just right, I'm 1.79, if you're a bit taller, you should choose a different size. The weight is also a positive thing. In terms of warmth, I definitely find the sleeping bag on the lighter side. I also find the pack size absolutely legitimate for this type of winter sleeping bag. All in all, I found the sleeping bag super comfortable, the comfort temperature keeps what it promises, and I had absolutely nothing to complain about. I'm very curious how it looks after frequent use, but my first impression is that I will have it for many years and that the quality and durability are absolutely fulfilled.


In summary, I can say that I am very satisfied with the Biopod Down Hybrid Ice Extreme. Will definitely always have it with me in the next cold nights and can recommend it unreservedly.