Bionic Finish Eco Ruco-dry

Fluorine-free water repellent textile finishes of RUDOLF GROUP to achieve water-repellent effects.

Mother Nature designed many ways to benefit of water and to be sheltered from it. Many engineering challenges humans face can be solved by using natural design as a springboard. That’s bionics.

Many plants have a natural water repellency. BIONIC-FINISH® ECO absorbs this effect so that we can use it for our sleeping bags.

water repellency of a leafwater repellent thanks to BIONIC FINISH ECO

BIONIC-FINISH® ECO, based on proprietary dendrimer technology, comes as a family of unique non-halogenated, APEO-free, fluorine-free formulations suited for different materials and designed for different applications and needs.

BIONIC-FINISH® ECO is extremely hydrophobic. Thanks to very long and heavily branched polymers, a large surface is created similar to that of a coral or a tree crown. Hydrophobic polymer end groups allow water and aqueous liquids to simply roll off. Naturally, oil repellency cannot be achieved with this type of chemistry.


The water-repellent effects of BIONIC-FINISH® ECO are washable. In order to achieve optimal protection, it is advisable not to use fabric softener, and finally to tumble dry or iron.

BIONIC-FINISH® is a registered trademark of the RUDOLF GROUP, Germany.