Made from 100% NATURE - as cuddly as the bed at home

Biopod DownWool Nature Comfort

What is special about the Biopod DownWool Nature Comfort is its unique DownWool® insulation. DownWool® is a natural high-end insulation made from 70% down and 30% wool from the Alps. The combination is perfect.

Biopod DownWool Subzero Comfort


  • Outer material: skin-friendly, robust and highly breathable GZ cotton (100% cotton)
  • Inner material: supple, breathable Cotton (100% cotton)
  • Certification: The down in this sleeping bag is certified according to the Responsible Down Standard (RDS CU 859743). Textile trust: Tested according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.
  • Filling: 470 g DownWool made of 70% duck down (90/10 with 650+ cuin) and 30% refined wool
  • < li>Size: 215 x 80 cm (suitable for body height: 185 cm)
  • Weight: approx. 1,950 g + pack sack
  • Pack size: Ø 21 x 38 cm
  • < li>Packing volume: 13 liters
  • Material identification: 100% cotton, filling: 70% down / 30% wool - contains non-textile parts of animal origin


The first value - Tcomf - is the value just before freezing. That means the Tcomf is the lowest value in the comfort range, it can get chilly here.

The second value - Tlim - is the value at which you can get cold , so you can start shaking.

The third value – Text - is a theoretical value, at which there is already a risk of health damage from hypothermia. You do not have to consider this value when buying the sleeping bag.

Biopod DownWool Nature Comfort


- Maximum 30°C by hand or on a wool cycle
- Turn inside out and wash with down detergent
- Program additional rinsing process
- Spin at a maximum of 600 rpm
- Tumble drying with 2 - 3 tennis balls


Worth knowing: The additional rinse cycle ensures that all detergent residues are really rinsed out of the delicate down. When you then take the sleeping bag out of the machine, loosen it up a bit and then give it another spin cycle at a maximum of 600 revolutions. Do not use fabric softener!

If you put 2 to 3 clean tennis balls in the dryer together with the DownWool® sleeping bag, then the care result will be optimal. The drying temperature should be max. 60° C and dry in approx. 5 intervals of 1 hour each; the process may have to be repeated the next day or continued until the sleeping bag is dry.

Important: After each drying cycle, take the sleeping bag out of the machine, shake it well and let it cool down for a short time.

If your sleeping bag is not properly dried and fluffed up (tennis balls), clumps of down will form which are very difficult to dissolve again. - Therefore, never hang the item to dry, e.g. on the clothesline!

Depending on the waterproofness of the outer material, the drying process can take different amounts of time (up to 2 days). If the article still does not have its original thickness, the drying operations must be repeated. As long as the article is damp, odors can also form.


Please keep the sleeping bag dry in the storage bag provided. Never leave the sleeping bag in the compression bag for a long time, otherwise the insulation can be damaged.

Repair & Refill Service

If the sleeping bag needs to be repaired, just send us an email to

Over many years, even the best insulation wears off. That's why we offer a night-fill service to extend the life of your sleeping bag.


The innovative DownWool® insulation is 100% produced and filled in Germany.

Our wool comes from sheep from the European Alps - animal welfare is very important here, as no mulesing is necessary.

The sleeping bags are equipped with a permanent water-repellent impregnation based on bio-based raw materials (BeSoDRY-ECO).

We use non-toxic dyes for nature, that meet both Cradle to Cradle requirements and the bluesign® standard (selection of BEMACRON dyes from the CHT Group).

The nylon we use is 100% recycled according to the GRS4 standard - this results in the lowest energy consumption during production.

The nature is important for us

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