The big Grüezi bag Easter raffle

Grüezi bag Easter raffle raffle 2021

Congratulations - you have found the Easter basket!

As we can see, you discovered the Easter bunny on our site and followed him here.
He's hiding a special surprise for you here - all you have to do is fill out the form below and you'll be entered into the raffle!

What is there to win?

The lucky winner can look forward to one of our cuddly soft and warm WellhealthBlanket and will soon be spending cozy hours on the couch, balcony or camping!

Grüezi bag rug WellhealthBlanket

Nothing is more cuddly than crawling under a woolen blanket on cold days.

The body needs a lot of energy to regulate its temperature. Sheep's wool balances the climate and thus takes over part of the temperature regulation. The body can use the remaining energy for recovery.

The alpine wool by lavalan® used in the Biopod sleeping bags serves as a natural air conditioner: the body releases moisture at all times. However, if there is too much humidity in the sleeping bag, the body freezes and good sleep is no longer possible. Wool absorbs moisture and passes it on to the outside in doses so that there is no evaporation cold. This regulation enables a warming or cooling effect to allow a feeling of well-being in the sleeping bag, which ensures a relaxed sleep. In addition, wool keeps you warm even when it is damp.


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