Sleeping bag range of use

Here you will find outdoor sleeping bags sorted by application areas such as a camping trip, outdoor sport, travel or a hike.

These high-quality sleeping bag models will give you top sleeping comfort!

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It always depends on what you want to do!

Which sleeping bag is suitable for which activity?

A synthetic fibre sleeping bag would be very good on camping tours, biking, festivals and in particular for children. It is robust, dries easily and easily washed. However, synthetic fibres do not provide as good a sleeping climate as natural fibres.

There are big differences in the quality of synthetic fibre sleeping bags. Fibres can be divided into hollow or full fibres. Hollow fibres are higher quality. If the fibre is not only hollow, but has several tunnels, these are known as multi-hole fibres. High quality sleeping bags use these fibres. The fibre can also be curled to further increase the air storage capacity. These fibres are called spiral fibres.

Grüezi bag has also welded these spiral multi-hole fibres together in its sleeping bags to create three dimensions and achieve the best volume and the best air storage (heat).

Overview of Grüezi bag synthetic fibre sleeping bags

However, if you want to save on weight and temperatures below zero need to be taken into account, down is the better filling. It insulates far better with the same weight. The sleeping climate is also more comfortable.

Overview of Grüezi bag down sleeping bags

If you want an all-rounder, insensitive to moisture with a good sleeping climate, the wool sleeping bag is right for you. Wool sleeping bags can be used almost everywhere.

Overview of Grüezi bag wool sleeping bags

The combination of wool and down provides an excellent climate, light weight and small packing size.

Overview of Grüezi bag sleeping bags


If want a low-cost and simple bag, then synthetic fibres will suit you.
For excursions in very humid areas, e.g. in the tropics or by the sea, you should use synthetic fibre sleeping bags/wool sleeping bags.
For cold areas and where light weight is important, we recommend down.
You get the best sleeping climate, light weight and excellent insulation with our new innovative DownWool filling made of wool and down.