Sleeping bag features

Here we explain our Sleeping bag features.

  • Adjustable hood: adapts to the shape of the head extremely well
  • • Face baffle: forms a softer transition of insulation to the face and prevents loss of heat.

    • Draft collar: fits snugly around the neck and prevents heat escaping

    • Pillow pocket: Put a piece of clothing, e.g. a fleece jacket, into the pillow pocket to create a pillow that stays in place.

    • Inner and external pockets: for valuable items and things you would rather have close by

    • Two-way zip with wide covering: to prevent heat loss through the zip

    • Innovative foot ventilation system: Thanks to the innovative foot ventilation system, you can place your feet comfortably on the top side of the sleeping bag to allow excess heat to vent.

    • Feater loops (built-in for Feater - The Feet Heater): the waist-high bag with electrical heating can be added to the sleeping bag