5 things for camping with children

5 Dinge fürs Zelten mit Kindern

Christian Ringer on June 3, 2016

The first nights together in the tent are something very special for children and can become memories for life. To ensure that the parents have an equally enjoyable experience, good equipment is an advantage. With the following five things, mum and dad will also keep the camping adventure in good memory!


The New Zealand company Mons Royale has already made a name for itself as a manufacturer of high-quality Merino sportswear in recent years. The "Monsie" is just as suitable for camping in summer as it is for skiing underwear or hut clothing in winter. Not only does it have an opening for small business at the front, with the practical bottom two-way zip, it is also ready for use at any time for large businesses.

The excellent properties of merino wool are also very welcome when camping. The noble wool is particularly temperature-regulating, breathable, quick-drying and odor-inhibiting and warms even when wet. The fact that merino wool is also super soft makes it our first choice and makes the "Monsie" the perfect camping overall!


A children's own sleeping bag is a nest, cave, snuggle blanket and play area all at the same time. The "Kids Monster Grow" from Grüezi Bag impresses with its great appearance alone. In addition, it is also a really good sleeping bag: thanks to the two-layer construction, it is nice and warm and the materials used are breathable. It has an expandable foot space and therefore fits children from 100 to 155 cm in height. The cozy fleece in the foot area, the pockets on the inside and the small compass on the zip are evidence of the well thought-out and loving design.


The offspring may be able to curl up on a completely unpadded surface without any problems and fall asleep blissfully. Many parents, on the other hand, tense up all their shoulder and neck muscles in desperate self-defense at the mere thought of the wafer-thin sleeping pads from their youth. The "Therm-a-Rest Mondo King 3D" is the solution for all long-suffering camping friends: The 10 centimeter thick sleeping pad is wonderfully soft, warm - and in our case even passed the mother-in-law test. And with the "Universal Couple Kit" the mats can be connected in such a way that nothing slips and there are no annoying gaps between the mats.


A light source is a must when camping: Whether smartphone LED, headlamp, classic flashlight or lantern - there are many possibilities. The benefit of a good lamp may only become clear when you use it. A lamp with an "aha effect" is the "Lighthouse Mini" from GoalZero. The wonderfully thought-out design makes it really fun to use the small lamp. Both in its different versions for hanging (magnetic, hooked or threaded) and standing, the lamp brilliantly fulfills its purpose and, depending on requirements, shines brightly enough for reading or dimmed softly enough as a sleeping light.

In addition, the lamp can optionally only radiate in one direction. A USB charging cable is permanently integrated and the replaceable battery can also be used as an energy source to charge cell phones or other devices. Thanks to the successful combination of solid camping light and technical gadget, the "Lighthouse Mini" has the potential to become a favorite camping item.


Of course, a faithful companion should not be missing on an exciting tent adventure. The mammoth stuffed animal from the manufacturer of the same name is just right: strong and armed with tusks, but still soft and cuddly. Can also be used to stand guard in front of the tent in the event of eerie noises! 5 things for camping with children Photo: Christian Ringer Loyal companion and courageous protector: the soft toy from Mammut

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