Exclusive presentation of a Grüezi bag sleeping bag by Youtuber Sicky Popp

gruezi-bag-Schlafsack Video von Sicky Popp vom 27 Nov 2018

Whether in a hammock, on holiday in Italy, in a tent or in the car - the Youtuber Sicky Popp has put the Grüezi bag 'Biopod Wool Zero' sleeping bag through its paces for several months.

In the following video, he explains what this all-rounder sleeping bag from the Biopod series can do:

Video Sicky Popp from Nov 2018 Biopod Wool Zero

Sicky Popp - Video from Nov 2018 - Introduction - Biopod Wool Zero by Gruezi bag

By the way: His enthusiasm for this light sleeping bag filled with alpine wool didn't stop, the 'Biopod Wool Zero' has even moved into his bedroom....

Here's the proof:

Sicky Popp bedroom with sleeping bag Biopod Wool Zero from Gruezi bag

Spend restful nights in the 'Biopod Zero Wool' or
in another model from the Biopod series !

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